Filial Play

Filial Play Therapy, (also known as Parent-Child Relationship Enhancement) is a specific, “dyadic” play therapy aimed at enhancing parent/child communication, understanding and attachment.

Developed in the 1960s, Filial Therapy is also called Filial Family Therapy, Filial Play Therapy, Child Relationship Enhancement Family Therapy and Child Parent Relationship Therapy. Parents work closely with the therapist and learn to conduct child-centered play therapy sessions with their own children. Parents learn four fundamental skills aimed at improving understanding of their child(ren), playing with their child(ren) and effective limit setting. They practice these skills in play sessions with their children in the playroom and receive live therapist coaching, supervision, feedback and support before they move the sessions into their own home. It is an approach that can be adapted and used in a variety of ways and uses play as the primary way for parents and children to share enjoyable time together. Filial Therapy has a strong educational base and empowers parents and caregivers to help their children develop, grow and change for the better.

Possible Providers