Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety, worry, and stress are all a part of most people’s life today. But simply experiencing anxiety or stress in and of itself does not mean you need to get professional help or you have an anxiety disorder. In fact, anxiety is a natural and sometimes necessary warning signal of a dangerous or difficult situation happening in your life. Without anxiety, we would have no way of anticipating difficulties ahead and preparing for them. However, unmanageable anxiety deserves attention and professional help, and Compass Clinical Associates can be that help.

Anxiety becomes a disorder when the symptoms become chronic (longer lasting) and interfere with our daily lives and ability to function. People suffering from chronic anxiety often report the following symptoms:

  • Muscle tension
  • Physical weakness
  • Poor memory
  • Sweaty hands
  • Fear or confusion
  • Inability to relax
  • Constant worry
  • Shortness of breath
  • Palpitations
  • Upset stomach
  • Poor concentration

These symptoms are severe and upsetting enough to make individuals feel extremely uncomfortable, out of control and helpless.

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